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Gateway Training & Learning Center was founded in 1993 with the sole purpose of improving people's lives through education. Our staff includes top professionals in the field of education and human resource development. We provide services to people aged 5 to, shall we say, 95. We offer private tutoring programs, corporate training programs with an emphasis in workforce education, and corporate consulting services.

Recently, the State of Illinois revised their ruling on social promotions as follows:

School districts shall not promote students to the next higher grade level based upon age or any other social reasons not related to the academic performance of the students. On or before September 1, 1998 School boards shall adopt and enforce a policy on promotion as they deem necessary to ensure that students meet local goals and objectives and can perform at the expected grade level prior to promotion. Decisions to promote or retain students in any classes shall be based on successful completion of the curriculum, attendance, performance based on Illinois Goals and Assessment Program tests (IGAP), the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, or other testing or any other criteria established by the school board. Students determined by the local district to not qualify for promotion to the next higher grade shall be provided remedial assistance, which may include, but shall not be limited to, a summer bridge program of no less than 90 hours, tutorial sessions, increased or concentrated instructional time, modifications to instructional materials, and retention in grade. (This is an excerpt from the Illinois State Legislature House Bill 452.)

Gateway Learning Center's private tutoring programs help grade school, junior high, and high school students succeed in academic subjects, such as reading, writing, spelling, math and study skills. We help students meet their most difficult challenge - gaining a competitive edge inside and outside of the classroom that will last a lifetime.

In today's hectic life, studying for a test, writing a research paper or sometimes just a lot of homework can overwhelm even the most patient parent.

Gateway begins with a diagnostic assessment that tells us exactly where the student's skill level is. Then we develop an individualized tutoring program designed to bring those skills up to where they should be. Each student comes in twice a week for a one hour session, sitting with a maximum of two other students. Our certified teachers encourage, motivate and help children develop a vision for their future. Our motto: Your child's success is our highest priority.

We guarantee that any student entering will improve by at least one full grade level within forty hours. Gateway boasts a 100% success rate.

Our Reading Program concentrates on…

  • phonics
  • vocabulary
  • comprehension
  • critical thinking
  • higher level thinking skills
Our Math Program builds confidence necessary for long-term success in…

  • addition & subtraction
  • multiplication & division
  • fractions & decimals
  • percents, ratios & proportions
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • advanced mathematics
Problem solving techniques, measuring, graphing, and equations are integrated into each level.

Our Writing Program stresses…

  • Fluency
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
The Spelling Program Gives students a powerful strategy for mastering spelling and proofreading through…

  • Self-correction skills
  • Word attack and phonics skills
  • Dictionary skills
  • Context clues analysis
The Study Skills Program introduces a systematic approach to…

  • time management & organizational skills
  • research skills
  • note-taking & outlining strategies
  • test-taking strategies
The Extension Program

…is designed to keep your child's grades at the top once the skill mastery level of a given program is reached.

The Integrated Program

…is something no other educational institution offers and by far our most popular program. It integrates up to three subjects during each tutoring session, maximizing learning retention.

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